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Learning and preparing for the future is what college is all about. Whether that learning takes place inside or outside the classroom, you’ll have endless opportunities to delve into what you love. With more than 360 undergraduate degree options, honors programs, world-renowned faculty, and an emphasis on research and service-learning, UT will help you set the course for success for wherever life takes you after college.

“The person who influenced me the most at UT has to be Professor Ted Brown. He’s a political science professor who had a lengthy practice in law. He influenced my passion for law and the Constitution.”

Ovi, Political Science, May 2019 Graduate, Oak Ridge, TN

Experiential Learning

Experience is life’s greatest teacher. We believe that whether it’s inside or outside the classroom, students gain valuable knowledge and problem-solving skills by doing.

Academic Support

UT is a large school, but you can always get one-on-one support. Our helpful staff ensures you make the most of your time here and have a great college experience.

Undergraduate Research

We offer some of the most exciting research experiences in the nation. Our undergraduates who engage in research and creative achievement are pursuing career opportunities, scholarly knowledge, and answers to interesting questions.

“I think being a part of the College of Communication and Information is what most made me feel a part of the UT family. The Communications Building is one of those places where I always feel comfortable.”

Brock, May 2018 Graduate

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